UCC History doctoral alumni

Doctoral theses are listed in reverse date order. Click on a title to access more information in the UCC Boole Library catalogue.

Dineen, Luke M. (2019), Strikes, syndicalism and soviet: a comparative study of the labour movements in Cork and Derry, 1914-24

Boerio, Davide (2018), News, networks and discourses during the Neapolitan revolution of 1647-48 and its aftermath

McCarthy, Alan J. (2018), Press, politics and revolution: newspapers and journalism in Cork city and county, 1910-23

Coughlan, Jenny (2017), Saints and scandals: representations of elite women in the writings of Bede and Gregory of Tours

Murphy, Rachel (2017), Place, community and organisation on the Courtown Estates, 1649-1977

Sheehan, Máire A. (2016), Law, poetry and medicine: the literate professionals in autonomous Gaelic Ireland, c. 1250-c. 1630

Forde, Britt (2016), National identity, classical tradition, Christian reform and colonial expansion at the ends of the earth: an analysis of representations of the Swedish and Norwegian peoples in Adam of Bremen’s History of the archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen and the Irish in Gerald of Wales’s Topography of Ireland

Murphy, Steven (2016), Neutral diplomacy: an Irish perspective, 1939-1945

Egan, Simon P. (2016), The resurgence of Gaelic power in Ireland and Scotland and its wider impact, c.1350-1513

Cullinane, Liam (2016), Work, class and conflict: a comparative study of three Cork factories incorporating oral testimony

Kirwan, Luke P. (2016), Cork’s international trade during the first industrial revolution

Hanley, Kara (2016), County Cork: the experience of members of the establishment whose houses were burned in the IRA arson campaign, 1920-23

Fitzgibbon, Jacqueline (2015), Justifying jihad: US politics, propaganda and the Afghan mujahedeen

O’Sullivan, Rúairí (2015), Manifestations of heavenly light and fire and the construction of a saint: sanctity, mission and salvation in Adomnán’s Vita Columbae

Faherty, Shane (2015), Canon Ulick Bourke: cultural nationalism, popular politics, and the Knock apparition

Kidd, Geraldine (2015), Eleanor Roosevelt: supporting Zion, denying Palestine

Goek, Sara S. (2015), Farewell to Erin: oral histories of post-war Irish music and migration

O’Donoghue, Barbara (2015), Ford, Carter and Cambodia: US foreign policy and the Khmer Rouge

Mullaney, Susan M. (2014), The evolution of the medical professions in eighteenth-century Ireland: an institutional perspective

Toms, David G. (2014), A social history of sport in Cork, Tipperary and Waterford c.1880-1930

Eustace, Daniel D. (2014), State building as strategy: an interrogation of NATO’s comprehensive approach in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2011

Purcell, Emer (2014), The Vikings in ninth-century Ireland: sources and settlements

Dwyer, Michael A. (2014), Diphtheria, the public health response and the origins of the childhood immunisation programme in Ireland

O’Sullivan, Steven (2014), The Ford administration, Angola and the perception of post-Vietnam US credibility, 1974-1976

Lehane, Shane G. (2014), A history of the Irish Red Cross Society, 1939-1971

O’Riordan, Maeve (2014), Home, family and society: women of the Irish landed class, c.1860-1914: a Munster case study

Higgins-McHugh, Norah M. (2013), The tithe war in Ireland, 1830-38 with specific reference to Munster and Leinster

Heffernan, David (2013), Tudor ‘reform’ treatises and government policy in sixteenth-century Ireland

Levesque, Joseph M. A. (2013), Redefining military memorials and commemoration and how they have changed since the 19th century with a focus on Anglo-American practice

Noonan, Alan J. M. (2013), Wandering labourers: the Irish and mining throughout the United States, 1845-1920

Whelan, Michael (2013), Anglo-Irish relations in the framework of the EEC and Northern Ireland, 1969-1975

Finn, Daniel (2013), Challengers to provisional republicanism: the official republican movement, people’s democracy and the Irish republican socialist party, 1968-98

McCarthy, Kevin (2013), Exploring the Zionist evolution of Robert Briscoe: history and memory

Browne, Jennifer M. M. (2013), ‘La violence et la mauvaise foi’: context and rhetoric in Pierre Bayle’s Ce que c’est la France toute catholique

Drea, Eoin (2013), Continuity and change in monetary policy and banking in Ireland 1922-43

McLaughlin, Ivan (2012), A new world a new American foreign policy: the Carter administration, Nicaragua, and the legacy of the Vietnam War, 1977-1981

Deller, Peter R. (2012), Irish officers in Wellington’s army 1808-1815

Treharne, Sally-Ann (2012), Latin America and the renewal of the special relationship under Reagan and Thatcher, 1981-1987

Steding, William J. (2012), Religion and US foreign policy during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan

Canning, Ruth A. (2012), War, identity, and the Pale: the old English and the 1590s crisis in Ireland

Murphy, Jonathan (2012), Anglo-Polish relations 1939-43: the War Cabinet, the Foreign Office and the Curzon Line

Convery, David M. (2012), Brigadistas: the history and memory of Irish anti-fascists in the Spanish Civil War

Lordan, Shane (2012), An Irish apostle: articulating and actualising apostolicity in th early Irish church

Sutton, Gerry (2011), Landlords: land, politics and economy during the land war, 1877-1903

Powell, Robert J. (2011), Muirchú’s Patrick: a bishop for the seventh century

Beaugé de la Roque, Pauline (2011), Les representations de l’Europe chez les elites catholiques irlandaises de 1957 à 1985: representations of Europe by Irish catholic elites (1957-1985)

O’Connor, Úna E. (2011), Emigration from the port of Cork during the long nineteenth century (1791-1914)

Wall, Martin A. (2011), Ireland and the European Economic Community 1973-1977: a small state and European integration

O’Connell, Michael (2011), The urban / rural settlement patterns of first-generation Irish migrants abroad, 1850-1921: a global perspective

Ní Bheaglaoi, Nóirín B. (2011), Editio anceps: the manuscript tradition of Giralldus Cambrensis’ Topographia Hibernica

Mac Mahon, Jason-Amedeo (2010 /2011), Ireland’s developing European relationship 1947-1963

Buckley, Sarah-Anne (2010), Protecting ‘the family cell’?: child welfare, the NSPCC and the State in Ireland 1880-1944

Fitzgerald, David (2010), Learning to forget?: the US army and counterinsurgency doctrine and practice from Vietnam to Iraq

Devoy, Fiona G. (2010), ‘A sword of Damocles’: the threat of conscription and the dynamics of Irish politics, 1914-18

Dennehy, John (2010), Tipperary and the First World War

Foley, Susan D. (2010), Bede, St. John and the liturgical year: studies on the homilies on the gospels

Martin, Michael (2010), Breaking ranks: the emergence of representative associations in the Irish armed forces 1989-1992

Cullinane, Michael P. (2010), Fighting for ‘freedom’: the language of ‘liberty’ and the US anit-imperialist movement, 1898-1909

Tjoelker, Nienke (2010), The Alithinologia (1664) by John Lynch: an edition of part of the text with introduction, translation and commentary

O’Sullivan, Kathleen J. (2009), Mathematics in the life of Éamon de Valera

Corcoran, Donal P. (2009), The Irish Free State 1922-32: government and administration

Ryan, James M. (2009), Lenin’s terror: violence in the thought of V. I. Lenin and an assessment of the significance of ideology in early Soviet state violence

O’Keeffe, Hélène (2009), A ‘lively poltergeist’ Robert Emmet: commemoration, memory and tradition, 1878-2003

Borgonovo, John M. (2009), Evolution of a revolution: Cork city, 1916-1918

Colclough, Tanya (2009), From paper army to military force?: European security challenges, the battlegroup concept and EU neutrals

Harrington, Nicholas K. (2008), The last parliamentarian: the political career of John Redmond 1881-1918

Loftus, Paul D. (2008), The crisis years: the second inter-party government and the politics of transition in Ireland, 1954-1957

Walsh, Maurice (2008), The history of Irish army intelligence, 1918-1945

McCarthy, John K. (2007), Irish involvement in the Olympic games 1896-1920: (with specific reference to its impact on nationalism and national identity)

Hutch, Avril J. (2007), When New York was Irish: the New York Irish through song 1855-1892

Mac Carron, Máirín (2007), Brides of Christ, royal marriage and the conversion of the English in Bede’s Historia ecclesiastica

Falvey, Jeremiah J. (2007), The Cork career of Sir John Arnott, 1837-1898

Curtis, Margaret P. (2006), Provincial government and administration in Jacobean Munster

Nyhan, Julianne (2006), The application of XML to the historical lexicography of Old, Middle and Early-Modern Irish: a lexicon based analysis

Creed, Fiona (2006), The challenges of coordinating EU foreign policy at the UN since 1992

Sexton, Harriet M. (2006), Clanricarde and the confederate wars: a study of Ulick Burke’s career in Ireland, 1641-1652

Jones, Siobhán (2005), Southern Irish unionism: press and politics 1860-1960

Butler, Brian (2005), The Whitby life of Gregory the Great: exegesis and hagiography

Browne, Colette (2005), Aspects of propaganda and the press in the Third Reich with special reference to foreign policy

McGowan-Doyle, Valerie (2005), The book of Howth: the old English and the Elizabethan conquest of Ireland

MacCotter, Paul (2005), Cantred and trícha cét: medieval Irish political territorial denominations

Forsythe, Westley (2005), The decline of the landed estates system in county Cork, 1815-1914

Ryan, Raymond (2005), Farmers, agriculture and politics in the Irish Free State area, 1919-1936

Murphy, Rosemarie (2005), Health services in Ireland 1939-57

O’Flynn, Derek M. (2004), The ideology and career of Saint-Just

Ryan, Siobhan Horgan (2004), The development of nursing in Ireland: 1898-1920

Murphy, Charlotte M. (2003), The Irish House of Lords, 1780-1800: politics and ideology

Fenton, Laurence (2003), Palmerston and The Times: a study of foreign policy, the press and public opinion, 1846-51

O Mahony, Colman (2003), Workhouse relief in Cork: 1838-1888

Cosgrave, Michael B. (2003), Comparative and operational aspects of peacekeeping in intra-state conflicts with particular reference to Irish participation in ONUC: 1960-64

Keogh, Niall (2003), Con Cremin and Irish foreign policy: 1935-1958

Kennedy, Christopher (2003), Genesis of the Rising 1912-1916: a transformation of Nationalist opinion?

Breathnach, Ciara (2002 /2003), A history of the Congested Districts Board of Ireland, 1891-1923

Byrne, Niall J. (2002), Jacobean Waterford: religion and politics 1603-25

O’Shea, Patrick B. (2002), Perception and reality in the modern Yugoslav conflict

Smith, Gillian M. (2002), Cartography and culture: achievements of the Irish Ordnance Survey Memoir Scheme 1824-2842

Harris, Clodagh (2002), The evolution of consociationalism in Northern Ireland

Hearne, John M. (2001), Waterford: economy, society and politics, 1780-1852

Ryan, John (Seán) M.  (2001), Deer forests, game shooting and landed estates in the South West of Ireland, 1840 – 1970

Wylie, Paula L. (2001), Diplomatic recognition in Irish foreign policy 1949-63

Mullins, Elizabeth (2001), The insular reception of the Eusebian canon tables: exegesis and iconography

Cunningham, Emma (2001), Irish-Canadian diplomatic relations, 1939-1950

Broderick, Eugene P. G. (2000), Waterford’s Anglicans: religion and politics, 1819-1872

Weaver, Pamela A. (2000), Aborigines, ‘palefaces’ and new women: feminism, law and order and class in the writings of Somerville and Ross

Scully, Jeremiah A. (2000), The Atlantic archipelago from antiquity to Bede: the transformation of an image

Guerin, Timothy J. (2000), The development of the co-operative creamery movement in North Co. Cork 1900-1945: (a case study of four co-operative creamery societies)

Hull, Mark M. (2000), German military intelligence operations in Ireland: 1939-1945

Allison, Bronagh M. (1999), State policy and the revival of the Irish language, 1922-48

McNamara, Robert M. (1999), Britain’s other cold war: a study of British policy towards Nasser’s Egypt from Suez to the six day war 1957-67

Connolly, Tracey R. (1999), Emigration from independent Ireland: 1922-1970

Quinlan, Carmel (1999), Genteel revolutionaries: the lives of Anna and Thomas Haslam

Tait, Clodagh J. (1999), Harnessing corpses: death, burial, disinterment and commemoration in Ireland, c.1550-1655

Whelan, Diarmuid P. (1998), Conor Cruise O’Brien and nationalism

Larmour, Sandra Ruth (1998), Aspects of the State and female sexuality in the Irish Free State, 1922-1949

Ó Longaigh, Seosamh D. (1998), Emergency legislation in the Irish state, 1922-1948: an analysis of its evolution and use

Krasnodebska-D’Aughton, Małgorzata (1998), Images of the divine: studies in early insular text and image

Cournane, Mavis (1997), The application of SGML/TEI to the processing of complex multilingual historical texts

Nolan, Aengus (1997), Joseph Walshe and the management of Irish foreign policy, 1922-1946: a study in diplomatic and administrative history

Cierlik, Bozena (1997), A comparative analysis of some aspects of political life in Ireland and Poland 1918-1939

Horgan, John (1997), Sean Lemass Taoiseach: 1959-1966

McCarthy, Andrew J. (1996), Financial thought and policy in Ireland, 1918-45

O’Regan, Philip (1996), Archbishop William King (1650-1729) and the Constitution of Church and State

O’Herlihy, Timothy F. (1996), Anglo-German-American relations during the Berlin crisis, 1958-1961

O’Leary, Don (1996), The origins, development and decline of vocationalism in twentieth-century Ireland

Dunne, Myra D. (1996), Perception and misperception in International politics: the British application for membership of the European Economic Community, 1959 – 1963

Murphy, Brian S. (1994), Politics and ideology: Mary MacSwiney and Irish republicanism 1872-1942

Bracken, Damian (1994), The fall in Hiberno-Latin literature and Irish vernacular law

Logan, John (1992), Schooling and the promotion of literacy in nineteenth-century Ireland

Ryan, David J. (1992), An examination of diplomatic relations between the United States and Nicaragua during the Reagan presidency

Marnane, Denis G. (1991), Land ownership in South Tipperary, 1849-1903

O’Sullivan, Charles J. (1989), British policy towards the High Commission Territories in Southern Africa, 1940-1955

Luddy, Maria (1989), Women and philanthropy in nineteenth-century Ireland

Whelan, Bernadette (1989), Ireland and the Marshall plan: 1947-51

Casey, James (1988), Landownership in North Cork, 1584-1641

O’Keeffe, Patrick D. (1987), Transition from the politics of war to the politics of peace: General Richard Mulcahy, the army and the cabinet, 1919-24

Girvin, Brian (1986), Protectionism and economic development in independent Ireland 1922-1960 /

Geary, Laurence M. (1985), The plan of campaign, 1886-1891

O’Riordan, Michelle (1985), The Gaelic mind and the collapse of the Gaelic world: a study of the motifs of bardic poetry

Brockie, Edward G. P. (1985), Relations between Great Britain and the Holy See during the pontificate of Leo XIII, 1878-1903

Dinan, Desmond (1985), The politics of persuasion: British policy and French African ‘Neutrality’ 1940-1942

Knowles, Mary T. (1985), The French socialist attitude towards war, militarism and national defence 1905-1914

Kelleher, George D. (1983), Gunpowder to guided missiles: Ireland’s war industries

Browne, Pius J. A. (1981), “Egregius archiepiscopus”: a life of Michael Augustine Corrigan 1839-1902 Archbishop of New York

Buckley, Mary G. (1980), Thomas Davis: a study in nationalist philosophy

Lane, Pádraig G. (1980), The agricultural labourer in Ireland, 1850-1914

O’Shea, James P. P. (1979), The priest and politics in County Tipperary, 1850-1891

Hogan, Edmund M. (1977), The catholic missionaries and Liberia

Meagher, Mary T. C. (1970), Catholic education in the archdiocese of Cashel 1750-1841

Quinn, P. L. S. (1966), The re-entry of the Jew into England and Ireland and his re-establishment there

Bolster, Ellen (1963), Mother Mary Francis Bridgeman and the Irish Sisters of Mercy in the Crimean war

Barry, J. G. (1952), The office and function of coarb and erenagh in the Irish church