Irish Maritime History Conferences

Ireland is an island nation, with a rich maritime heritage. This annual conference explores its sea-going past and culture, along with that of its European neighbours.

Topics have included the Vikings; piracy; the Spanish Armada; international trade; the Napoleonic War at sea; island nations; emigration; port cities; Lusitania; WWI submarine warfare; piracy; naval warfare; fishing; coastal communities; storms; shipwrecks; victualling; coastal management, maritime paintings, boat building  and foreign naval interventions.

With start-up assistance from the Irish Research Council and the on-going support from the Port of Cork, Drs Hiram Morgan and John Borgonovo have run a roundtable on Cork Harbour (in 2013) and three major international conferences under the title ‘A safe place for ships’.

Irish Maritime History Conference 2014

2nd Irish Maritime History Conference 2015

3rd Irish Maritime History Conference 2016