INIHR Seminar 2017-2018

1. Professor Chris Williams, College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, UCC – Cartoonist for the millions: “JMS” (1863-1921)

2. Professor Susan Doran, Professor of Early Modern British History, University of Oxford – A tale of two monarchs: Elizabeth I, James I and the English Reformation

3. Dr Catherine Lawless, Director, Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, School of Histories and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin – Representation of holy bodies: space, power and gender in medieval Florence

4. Colmán Ó Clabaigh OSB – Passports to Paradise: Indulgences and Letters of Confraternity in Late Medieval Ireland

5. Dr Dagmar Ó Riain, Independent Scholar – A Scholar and an Officer in the Habsburg Empire: Tadhg O’Mulrian (†Belgrade 1737)

6. Mark Hutchinson, Göttingen – The failure of Reformation in Ireland

7. John Browne, School of Public Health, UCC and Andrew McCarthy, School of History, UCC – Historical perspectives on healthcare reconfiguration in Ireland

8. Dr John Thompson, University of Cambridge – Woodrow Wilson and US entry in WWI

9. Dr Annaleigh Margey, Dundalk IT – Property and Charity: the early modern property portfolio of the Clothworkers’ Company, c.1500-1680

10. Beatrix Faerber & Laura Cronin, School of History, UCC – Medical texts from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance

11. Terence O’Reilly (Emeritus, Spanish UCC) – Luther and Loyola: The Origins of the Spiritual Exercises in Spain

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