INIHR Seminar 2018-2019

1. Dr Maeve O’Riordan, School of History, UCC – Women of the Country House in Ireland: 1860-1914

2. Professor Michael Cullinane, University of Roehampton – The Old Lion is Dead: Theodore Roosevelt at the Treaty of Versailles

3. Dr Charles Read, University of Cambridge – Towards a new narrative of the Irish Famine of 1845-53

4. Dr Stefano Recchia, University of Cambridge – How France secured UN approval for its controversial Rwanda intervention in 1994

5. Dr Clodagh Tait, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick – Wonders of this age: the ‘Old’ Countess of Desmond, ‘Old’ Tom Parr, and the quest for the secrets of longevity

6. Dr David Fitzgerald, School of History, UCC – Citizens, Soldiers and Warriors: Saving Private Ryan, The United States Army and its 1990s recruiting crisis

7. Dr Elizabeth Kirwan, National Library of Ireland – Documenting LGBT Lives 1951-2018: The Irish Queer Archive (IQA)

8. Dr Mark Empey, Humanities Institute, University College Dublin – Reinterpreting Ireland’s past? History, identity and Sir James Ware (1594-1666)

9. Dr Debra Strickland, University of Glasgow – Bosch’s bug: monstrosity, devilry, and anti-Judaism on the St John on Patmos panel by Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516)

10. Joyti Atwal, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi – Indian and Irish women in the anti imperialist movements: methodologies and strategies

11. Eugenie Hanley, School of History, UCC – The Development of maternity and child welfare services in Ireland, 1922-1945

12. Dr Elizabeth Kyte, Women’s Studies, UCC – Mapping Irish feminists’ connections to international radicalism

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