INIHR Seminar 2016-2017

Dr Owen McGee (Digital Humanities, UCC), ‘Arthur Griffith: the forgotten man of the Irish Revolution?’

Professor Robert Savage, Boston College, ‘Terrible things were done’: Seán Lemass and the violence of the Irish Revolution’

Professor Daniel Carey (Moore Institute, NUIG), ‘Arts and Sciences of Travel, 1500-1800’

Davide Boerio, (Università degli studi di Teramo & University College Cork), ‘News from Naples, 1647: Texts, Networks and Examples in an Early Modern Revolution’

Dr Matthias Egeler (LMU Munich & UCC) ‘Iceland and Ireland in the early Middle Ages: cultural exchange as seen through the evidence of literature’

Dr James Ryan (Cardiff University), ‘The Politics of National History: Russia and the Centenary of Revolutions’

Dr Michelle Ó Riordan (Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies), ‘Divisive unities in seventeenth-century Ireland’

Professor James Amelang (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), ‘The Reformed Spaniards: Complications of Conversion in 1620s London’

Dr Edel Bhreathnach (Discovery Programme), ‘Re-assessing prehistoric and early medieval ‘royal’ landscapes in Ireland: opening a new discussion on an old topic’

Professor Geoff Roberts (UCC), ‘Stalin’s Peacemakers: The Struggle for Peace and the Transformation of Global Politics after World War II’

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