INIHR Seminar 2015-2016

Professor Gavin Foster (Concordia University, Montreal), “Trench Coats and Top Hats: The Sartorial Manifestations of Politics and Status during and after the Irish Civil War”

Professor John McCafferty (UCD), “St. Patrick’s Purgatory & the salvation of Ireland, 1497-1640”

Professor Tufuku Zuberi (University of Pennsylvannia), ‘African Independence’, in association with Black & African History Month in Ireland and UCC African Studies Society

Damian Shiels (Rubicon Heritage Services), “Irish Soldiers in the American Civil War: New Sources, New Insights”

Dr Geraldine Kidd (School of History, UCC), “Eleanor Roosevelt and the Israel/Palestine Question, 1932-52”

Professor Charles Ludington (North Carolina State University & Marie Curie Fellow UCC), “Les Grands Vins de Bordeaux: Ireland’s role in the development of luxury claret”

Dr David Fitzgerald (School of History, UCC), “ Warriors who don’t fight: the American Soldier and the Identity Politics of Peacekeeping Operations”

Dr Hiram Morgan (School of History, UCC), Dr James O’Neill (Irish Research Council fellow, History UCC) & Dr Ruth Canning (Marie Curie Fellow, History UCC)  “Hugh O’Neill:  Four Hundred Years on”

Dr Elva Johnston (UCD), “Reconsidering Conversion in Fifth-Century Ireland”

Professor Luke Nichter (Texas A&M University), “A Decade with the Nixon Tapes: What We Have Learned and What We Have Yet to Learn”? 

Professor Jakub Basista (Jagiellonian University, Kraków), “2015 elections in Poland and their consequences”

Dr Christopher Shepard (International Office, UCC),  “’Training Grounds for the British Empire’: the impact of Irish Medical Schools and Graduates on the medical profession in colonial India, 1850-1930”

Dr Richard Serjeantson (Trinity College, Cambridge), “Thomas More’s Magnificent Utopia

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